About us

Born of innovative and unified efforts to deliver the best since 2000, Innovation festival Organizer (ifo) success has grown to what is now the Innovation Group LLC. The companies capitalized on IFOs Gulf Regio exprtise and divrstified into six globally competitive companies. Our firms now specialize in the following: festival organizing; furniture designing, interior decoration and manufacturing; media servicing and distribution; events management; investment and properties development as well as human resources solutions.

Our groups offerings are characterized by its goal to professiionally meet every clients need by setting forth an even broader array of dynamic soltions. Like the radiant Muscat sun,the innovation Group moves on to blez exciting new trails that link members of the global community to products and services that satisfy their unique specifications. Yes we at Innovation Group listen and take notice. We “sweat the smallĀ  stuff” for you. That is why projecting needs has kept us steps ahead in the right directio. We are committed to capable of taking you there.

Innovation Group has mastered the art and science of bringing people, prouduct and services together from all over the world in a manner that gives leverage for growth in countless dimensions. Client growth and prosperity is our paramount priority.

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__________ ____Our motto … “Together, We Grow”


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