What do we do at Innovation Group?

Born of innovative and unified efforts to deliver the best since 2000, Innovation festival Organizer (ifo) success has grown to what is now the Innovation Group LLC. The company capitalized on IFOs Gulf Region expertise and diversified into six globally competitive companies. Our firms now specialize in festival organization; furniture design, interior decoration and manufacturing; media services and distribution; events management; investment and property development as well as human resource solutions.

Our group’s offerings are characterized by its goal to professionally meet all our clients’ needs by setting forth an even broader array of dynamic solutions. Just like the radiant Muscat sun, Innovation Group is blazing exciting new trails that link members of the global community to products and services that satisfy their unique specifications. Yes we at Innovation Group listen and take notice. We “sweat the small  stuff” for you. That is why projecting needs has kept us miles ahead in the right direction. We are committed and capable of taking you there.

Innovation Group has mastered the art and science of bringing people, products and services together from all over the world in a manner that gives leverage for growth in countless dimensions. Client growth and prosperity is our paramount priority.

Our Divisions

Events Coordinator

Driven by the same ideals, Innovation Events Coordinator facilitates Personal and Corporate events like weddings, reunions, seminars, press conferences etc. Regardless of how simple or extravagant the event is, as long as you find reason to celebrate it, you can always count on our team. We have an all-round professional team in all areas of Events Management ready to take care of your every requirement with vast experiences in;

– Corporate Events & Functions
– Exhibitions
– Conferences
– Launchings
– Sports Events
– Parties
– Weddings
– Concerts & Shows

Together, we’ll find ways to realize your dream event.
Expect overwhelming responses and successful turnouts of your events:

Festival Organizing

IFO owns an impressive track record in the Gulf Region in Festival Organization. For more than 10 years now, we have been at the forefront of organizing one of  the world’s biggest and brightest festivals, the annual Muscat Festival. We continue to give life to the festival with world-class shows, performances, and state-of-the-art amusement rides.
Celebrating years of success in festival organizing, IFO has gained international clientele, and prestigious large-scale projects. We conceptualize, design, construct, operate and manage theme parks locally and abroad.
We are backed up by a team of professionals ready to deliver prompt services in the following area:
– Festival Conceptualization
– Festival Consultation
– Festival Planning and Organizing
– Festival Site Design and Lay-out
– Festival Execution
– Theme Parks (Concept, Design, Construction, Operations & Management)
– Muscat Festival 2005 – Global Village Azaiba
– Muscat Festival 2005 – Azaiba Beach
– Muscat Festival 2006 – Global Village Azaiba
– Muscat Festival 2006 – Children Village Azaiba
– Muscat Festival 2007 – Global Village Azaiba
– Muscat Festival 2007 – Beach Activity Azaiba
– Muscat Festival 2008 – Global Village Azaiba
– Muscat Festival 2008 – Qurum Park
– Muscat Festival 2009 – Naseem Park
– Organizer of the Muscat 2nd Asian Beach Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies 2010
– Muscat Festival 2011 – Naseem Park
– Muscat Festival 2011 – Qurum Park

– Muscat Festival 2012 – Naseem Park
– Muscat Festival 2012 – Qurum Park

– Muscat Festival 2013 – Naseem Park
– Muscat Festival 2013 – Amerat

– Muscat Festival 2011 – Naseem Park
– Muscat Festival 2011 – Amerat

Human Resources

Innovation HR Solutions certainly provides a competent and proficient talent pool of highly professional human resource for enterprises and companies in the Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and UAE.
Taking advantage of modern facilities and technology, IHRS will help you identify talent required for your operations
IHRS operations include:
– Receiving CVs from applicants
– Reviewing, screening, and short-listing applicants
– Receiving job offers and opportunities from employers application process (Screenings, Exams, Interviews)
– Negotiating contracts and job offers between potential employers and applicants

Media Services

Innovation Media is one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies in the Sultanate of Oman. Merely reaching its first year in the competitive field of media and advertising, IM has already secured above and below-the-line accounts with prominent companies and brands in the region.
Gain competitive edge with avant-garde ideas and innovative concepts in:
– Branding and Promotions
– Brand Management
– Exhibitions Designs
– Web Development
– Interactive Media
– Digital Video Editing
– Sound Editing
– Multimedia Production
– Photography
– Videography
– Creativity in all dimensions

Interior Design

IDF has grown into one of the most sought-after decorators in Muscat.


IIP Just as IFO has grown into a diversified group of companies, so will Innovation Investments and Properties act as a catalyst to meld all your aspirations to grow in investments.
Our extensive network in the GCC and elsewhere in the globe present great opportunities for business development and expansion.
IIP specialists are willing and able to help you in the following:
– Investments Consultation
– Real Estate
– Property, Goods, and Services Brokerage

Graphic and Website Designing

We provide Graphic and Website designing with the highest level of standards and technologies available.

Mobile Application Development

We develop high quality custom mobile solutions that are unique and compelling for both iOS and Android platforms.

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